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Welcome and thank you for stopping by. Our blog sets the heading to separate financial fiction from financial fact to help keep you afloat and stay the course. 

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Welcome to "The Sea of Financial Information" Blog


It's with great pleasure to welcome you to The Trust Group Financial Services blog. With so much inaccurate, poor and often careless financial information disseminated on the internet we decided we needed a great platform to share our knowledge with our readers and this blog will be the vessel (you can probably guess the theme) for delivering that information.

For most people the vast amount of information on the internet can feel overwhelming. A sea of information, so to speak. Thus, we thought what better name for our blog than the "Sea of Financial Information." However, unlike the world wide web, we strive to ensure it all makes sense and while we will share some of our opinions, philosophies and light humor in this blog, the number one priority is to share facts and educate our readers on various financial topics to keep you up to date and informed. Our goal is to separate financial fiction from financial fact and ultimately leave you learning something new and staying informed.

The Trust Group Financial is simply a group of licensed professionals you can trust. Preposterous, right? Why can you trust us? Because we said so? Light humor? No, no, no, here's why. Our firm is licensed with the The Florida Department of Financial Services and has been serving the great citizens of the Tampa Bay community since 1985. In the financial services world, it works like dog years, 30 years may as well be 133 years. Light humor? Okay seriously, financial advisors (Agents, brokers, bankers) come and go. Think about it. Is your agent, broker or banker still around from 30 years ago? Did you become an orphan policy holder, is your banker still greeting you at your bank, maybe your bank went out of business or was your portfolio transferred to "the new guy"? For many the answer is yes. For us, we are still here. Simply put, you don't get to our level of experience by not staying up to date on current laws, new financial vehicles, sound principals and most importantly, acting in our clients best interest. We've weathered the storms with our clients and we've met and exceeded countless goals and expectations by following our four step process.

At The Trust Group Financial we specialize in estate planning, retirement planning, insurance solutions, tax efficient strategies and maximizing social security. Our goal for all of our clients is to protect the maximum amount of wealth, guarantee that wealth will meet your goals to provide you with care, comfort, maintenance and support and pass that wealth directly to your children and loved ones leaving a lasting legacy without any interference from attorneys or the Probate Court System.

We hope you will find the information on our blog to be helpful for giving you a basic knowledge of estate and retirement planning. However, if you desire a more detailed explanation specific to your family's estate and retirement goals we urge you to contact us to schedule a free consultation and don't forget to subscribe below to stay up to date with the latest financial news and developments.


James Spicuzza may be reached at 727.939.9465 or by e-mail.

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